Make Higher Boxed Mac & Cheese, Add an Egg Yolk

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I really like Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. I get pleasure from it when ready in keeping with the package deal directions, however I’m additionally liable to tweaking it by substituting buttermilk for normal, browning the butter, including crème fraîche, or—as of this morning—stirring in an egg yolk.

Mixing an egg yolk right into a steaming pile of carbs shouldn’t be a brand new idea. The Japanese dish tamago kake gohan is an easy and scrumptious instance of the shape: Crack a uncooked egg (or egg yolk) over a pile of scorching rice, combine it in, and season with soy sauce. The warmth from the rice evenly cooks the egg, making a saucy, custardy, comforting combination.

I’ve utilized an analogous technique to a bowl of grits—to glorious outcomes—and thought I’d attempt it with a bowl of Kraft. The impulse was one.

The macaroni didn’t style eggy, however it did style higher—just a little creamier, noticeably richer, and a contact glossier. Very like tamago kake gohan, it developed a custardy high quality. The outcomes tasted just a little extra do-it-yourself, which is sensible when you think about eggs are a reasonably frequent ingredient in baked macaroni and cheese recipes.

To make your personal, put together the macaroni (principally) in keeping with the package deal directions: Prepare dinner the noodles till al dente, then drain them and return them to the pan with half a stick of butter, stirring till melted. Add the cheese powder, stir, then splash in simply sufficient half & half to dissolve the final of the powdery cheese clumps. Lastly, add a single orange yolk to the already orange noodles, then stir till it emulsifies into the sauce (which it’ll do fantastically).

If you’re tiring of your customary boxed mac, I urge you to present it a attempt with an egg. The blue field could not “want” elevating, however it certain is enjoyable to zhush.